"It’s been more than ten years that I’ve been returning each summer to my hometown, Bova, in the province of Reggio Calabria, listed in 2013 among one of the twenty most beautiful Italian villages. Each time I go back there, I rediscover the scents and colors typical of my land.

My love for Bova is the fundamental premise of the following pages, which are a personal search of a “lost time” and I would like them to be a useful tool for those interested in the history and customs of an essentially peasant community that, starting from distant centuries, has left the signs of a civilization worthy of a place in historical memory". 

‘Il Sentiero della Civiltà Contadina’ [The Path of Agricultural Civilization] is an outdoor museum of the municipality of Bova, Greek dialect capital of Calabria that was designed and built by Saverio Micheletta.

It is a path that takes visitors down the lanes of the ancient village where the main work tools of the rural culture have been installed: water and animal- powered mill grindstones, olive oil presses, drinking troughs for animals, millstones for pressing grapes, presses for extracting essence of bergamot, and many other objects belonging to the ancient farming civilisation.

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